About the website

/ Started in 2010
// Old website with focus on images 2010-2013
/// New website will have much more text 2014
//// No seasons, no themes
///// Mix of everything, from fashion to beauty to nudes
////// Also interviews, brands and other things
/////// Contributors all over the world

Submitting work:
/ Email us with a personal introduction, – no chain or un-personalised mails please -, attaching/embedding low-res version of your work. Alternatively, instead of adding, you can give us a link to your Dropbox (or similar) folder online where the images can be reviewed.
// After review you will receive a reply a.s.a.p.

If we decline:
/ You will receive the reason, plus some unsolicited advice intended to increase your chances for future submissions if you wish to do so.

If we accept:
/ You will receive an acceptance message, plus a PDF to fill in all information such as credits/names and permission for us to feature your work. The easiest way would be uploading the images in high-res plus de PDF on your online Dropbox (or similar) folder and email us the link. Other ways could be via WeTransfer, Yousendit.

/ Exclusives are highly preferred, both in advance and afterwards (submission to another magazine after being featured in The View), with the exception of aggregate websites like Ones2Watch.  We kindly ask that you add “The View Magazine” to those credits.
// Editorials should consist of around 8-12 images, give or take. If your set is below that number, let us know so we can work something out.
/// Single page or spread are welcome, but it needs to be completely awesome, and a piece of text to accompany it. Think of something like a short biopic or story about that image.