The View Magazine is a non-profit platform featuring interviews and works from artists in the entertainment art business. It gives insights in who these amazing people are, their history and future, workflows, inspirations, aspirations, and what makes them creatively tick.



The content you find on here include the artist’s point of view, experiences, stories about their journey in the world of entertainment arts. It can help you understand theory and concepts, get inspiration, know where and how to focus on your own development, or simply a nice story during breaks.



It all started with a passion for fashion, models, and photography. So from 2010  to 2015, it solely focused on people related to those industries. Both new talents and established professionals were featured. During this period our main product was the magazine, quarterly produced with amazing work from artists and teams all over the world. The website featured shorter and more varied content including interviews to give it more depth. In 2015 we experienced a change in interest and real-life priorities, and decided that five years was a nice achievement, something we can be proud of, and decided to become inactive.



The drive to connect and share stories never left. So this year, 2019, we are coming back. Shifting away from the singular fashion domain, to artists in the broader entertainment arts. Think of animators, lookdev illustrators, live action film directors, producers, storyboard artists, game arts, motion picture editors, environment designers, lighting specialists, VFX wizards, concept artists, digital painters, and many more. The quarterly will not return, instead focusing more on online. The main content will be the interviews, which like before, consist of the artist’s stories and works of art.



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