After 4.5 amazing years, with passion, dedication, and the trust and support of some of the greatest talents worldwide, The View Magazine has come to an end. New creative challenges are ahead, we decided to focus on exploring those.

Thank you to everyone with love to us, especially the photographers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, models, agencies, and everyone else. ▬ The View Magazine

Open call for submissions

The call is open for both the quarterly magazine (see schedule) and the website. Choose between the following options:

1. Via Dropbox / Box / other Cloud-based gallery

The easiest way is to upload your images in a folder on your own Dropbox (or similar) account, and sent us an email including the link to that folder. This enables us to easily review your submission, without the need to download them into our email server.

2. Via a private gallery on your own website domain

Upload your images in a private or password-protected section of your own website, and sent us an email including the link and password to that section.

3. Via images in email

If you don’t have or want Dropbox, a private or protected section of your website, you can sent us an email with web resolution (72ppi) and small size (max. 500px longest side) version of the images.

Extra notes

Please sent us a personal email, we highly value correct communication. You don’t have to be all formal with “Dear Sir/Madam”, but a “Hello The View” will do just fine. Tell us a bit about who you are and the images you are submitting.

Do not include us in a chain email, or something like “hey, got some new pics, let me know if you want it so I can sent the high-res, thanks”, which obviously beats the purpose of being personal. Chain emails will be ignored by us. Also, don’t submit the images in a zip-folder, or in high-res and large size.

What get's accepted

There are a gazillion magazines in the world, ranging from multinational network publications, to small independent zines. Although The View is not unique, we do put our best efforts to be visible and attractive for both young and talented artists, who have a fresh and personal vision of what they like to create, and everyone who enjoy being inspired by visuals.

1. Style, mood

Beauty, high fashion, lifestyle, street, casual. So many labels, for us the most important thing is the total set.A clear story or “red line” that makes all the images coherent. We have no problem with nudity and provocation. We do require it to be somewhat stylish and always respectful for the model. Images that are or likely will be triggering a strong emotion, are welcome too. So far the work that has been featured, ranges from innocent beauty with the focus on makeup and hair, to minimal art with a fully nude model. In doubt, you are welcome to contact us.

2. Large editorials

For the magazine we highly prefer the number of images resulting in around 10 pages. Examples: 15 in vertical which results in 8 pages; 10 in vertical and 3 horizontal (spreads) results in 11 pages. If your final set is shorter or longer, just have a chat with us, we can always make an exception if appropriate for the set. Avoid having many similar images, with the same styling. Ideally you have a different styling on each photo, a couple of doubles are ok.

3. Aesthetically on par

We acknowledge that taste is very personal, not everyone will like your work nor our magazine. But we do put a strong focus on aesthetics, based on the recollection of all the amazing work we see pass, both from submissions to our magazine and any other source in the world. To gauge if your work is on par, the best thing is to view earlier issues, or the webitorials on the website. This will give you a sense on what get’s accepted in terms of composition, style, mood, color-use, model casting, styling, art sense, fashion interpretation, etc.

4. Produce something specifically for The View

Instead of submitting work you have already produced, you can opt to chat with us first. We actually love that! Bounce ideas and concepts, ask questions, receive feedback. It will remain your concept, but we can challenge you to try different angles, clarify ideas, help to make it more clean and concise. You are free to involve us as much or as little as you wish. Only chat about ideas, great. Want feedback on the models you have in mind, we are here.

5. Exclusive

We do not intend to claim nor pretend of being the most awesome independent zine, that you really miss out a huge lifetime opportunity to be published in our zine, and that submitting to us is a no-brainer. There are many magazines out there, some more attractive than others, but we acknowledge all of them. We believe that the same freedom that enables us to produce our zine, also should be available to enable others to make theirs. Nevertheless, we highly value the trust, support, love, and courtesy, many artists have extended to us by submitting their work as an exclusive. Seeing the same editorial 2 months later in another zine, well, it hurts. If you understand our passion to produce this magazine the same way we understand your passion for creating it, please have it remain exclusive for us.

What get's declined

Mirrored from What get’s accepted, some notes to avoid being declined.

1. Impersonal message

Sending a chain email or a message without structure will have us ignore the email including the submission. We might be missing some of your award-winning work, but we stick with our principles of always communicating respectfully.

2. Not on par

If we feel your work is not on par with earlier featured work, we have to pass. We will not keep you hanging, you will always receive a reply from us. If it’s slightly missing the level we seek, we add some feedback in the reply, hoping that you use it for future productions and submissions. So far, everyone seems to appreciate the tips, and many of them return to us with new and better work.

3. Non-exclusive

We will pass if there are signs, or when the artist tell this personally to us, that the work is or intended to be featured by multiple magazines. This could be a clone of the editorial, a number of the same images, or different images from the same production. Of course, we will not going to check up on all of this, instead we assume that the artist submits in good faith.

4. Already published

We pass on anything already published, whether in a magazine, on websites, or on social media. Sometimes we can make an exception for outstanding work, the region it has been published before, or the year it was (last) published.

Submitted, now what?

You did all the correct things and sent us an email with your submission. What happens next?

1. Submissions review, acceptance

We review your images and message asap, and decide to accept or decline. You will always receive a reply. When we accept for the magazine, we offer space in the next issue. This means that the number of pages related to your set will be reserved. We ask you to provide us with the high resolution and large size version of the images, along with sending a PDF for you to fill in the credits and permissions. You are expected not to publish any accepted image in any form. We will post an image as teaser. You are free to republish or publish the exact same image to support the tease among your network.

2. Print copies

The View is a print-on-demand publication, using MagCloud for the print versions. We produce the magazine entirely voluntarily, out of passion for great visuals. Hence, there is zero budget to sent you a print copy of the magazine. You can order a print via the MagCloud page of The View. There is no mark-up on the price, which means that the price you see, is 100% for the MagCloud company to print your copy. We do not earn a single cent from print copy sales.

3. Digital proofs (digital tear sheets)

After each issue going live (published), we will prepare all pages and spreads in JPG format, web size, low resolution, and uploaded to our Dropbox account. The link will be shared with all contributors of that specific issue, and only to the ones making the actual submission (copyright holders). You are responsible for forwarding the proofs to the rest of your team and other parties.

4. Social media

We will post a teaser image of your submission on our Facebook Page. A post with a direct link to the magazine issue page, will also be put there immediately after the issue went live. Feel free to re-share.